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Ringtail is a software consultancy specialising in IoT, embedded and cloud systems. From kickoff to mass-market, we have designed, built, deployed and maintained connected devices and services for commercial customers.

From new design and development to legacy maintenance and documentation, we deliver what you need.

With over 15 years success in delivering challenging software projects for startups, defence and government, we’ve got the technical know-how, soft skills and ability to deliver value for your business.

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IoT and M2M

Ringtail are experts in IoT technologies, strategy and delivery - from prototyping and feasibility to development, deployment and maintenance. With 15 years experience in home automation, IPTV, wireless networking and consumer electronics, we can make your product a success.


Our experience includes board bringup and debug, bootloaders, wireless, network stacks, RTOS, toolchains, graphics, security, cryptography and testing. Working with multiple architectures and tools, we've built home gateways, set top boxes and wireless sensors all the way from bench prototype to manufacture and deployment in the real world.


We design and implement RESTful web services, web servers and applications. We have experience of building hosted and embedded interfaces with with a variety of modern and legacy stacks. We build and host custom web apps and services for customers big and small.


We build, maintain and deploy scalable, low cost cloud solutions for IoT using modern tools and services. We have run complex multi-user, multi-tenant applications on a range of cloud providers. With our experience in evaluation, specification, development, testing and deployment, we deliver the right solution for your system.


Whether developing kernel drivers, userspace applications, scripting tasks or building custom tools, we work extensively with embedded, server and desktop Linux variants to create secure, reproducable software.


We bring productivity improvements for software companies and teams from source control to automated build systems, bug tracking to release process, specification, continuous integration and automated testing. We take a flexible pragmatic approach to software development processes to ensure the best result for our customers. Your success is our success.


We have worked with and for some of the UK's most innovative technology companies.

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